What We Do

    We provide crucial support for the military members and families of the U.S. Special Operations uncrewed systems and sensor community during their time of service, through transition, and after they remove the uniform.

    Transition Strategy

    Facilitates smooth transitions with customized strategies.

  1. Custom Transition Strategy
  2. Timeline and Roadmap
  3. Personality Testing
  4. VA Claim Support

    Assistance and guidance through the VA claim process.

  5. Timeline Planning
  6. Disability Questionnaire Guidance
  7. Separation Medical Assistance
  8. Medical Documentation Fundamentals
  9. IDES/MED Board Guidance
  10. Fallen Warrior Support

    Support services for honoring fallen warriors.

  11. Funeral Support
  12. 1-on-1 Mentorship

    Personalized mentorship for career and financial coaching.

  13. Career Coaching
  14. Financial Coaching
  15. Referrals
  16. Out Reach Programs

    Community engagement and support programs.

  17. Industry Days
  18. Annual Reunion
  19. Community Rolodex
  20. Veteran Mindfulness

    Promoting peace through camaraderie and meditation.

  21. Helping active duty and veterans find peace through camaraderie and meditation.
  22. Support the Mission

    Your donation will help us continue to provide support to our Veterans.


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