Uncrewed Warrior Foundation

    The Mission

    Provide a foundation of support to active duty, families, and veterans of the U.S. Special Operations Uncrewed System and Sensors community through transition assistance, education, mindfulness, and comradery.

    Our Heritage

    During the early stages of the Iraq War, as Special Operations units were moving fast through war torn cities, they quickly identified a problem: the enemy was countering their tactics, techniques, and procedures and became impossible to find, fix, and finish. Despite all the resources provided to SOF units, actionable real-time intelligence was absent. This capability gap gave life to a new embedded support role: the UAS Operator. Skilled uncrewed system and sensor operators deeply rooted in SOF units provided accurate real-time intelligence across multiple domains regaining our nation's tactical edge to successfully execute high-profile missions.

    Uncrewed Warrior Foundation
    Uncrewed Warrior Foundation

    Who We Are

    A group of like-minded individuals bonded through service that are dedicated to upholding the sense of purpose they found while conducting operations around the world. Through this bond the Uncrewed Warrior Foundation was formed. We provide crucial support for the military members and families of the U.S. Special Operations uncrewed systems and sensor community during their time of service, through transition, and then after they remove their uniform.

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